We are internationally recognized

The school is a member of the International Schools Association "ISA". Cartesians is the only school in a French-speaking country admitted to this prestigious organization. In this capacity, the Cartesians are part of the International Education System and have the latitude to allow some of its students to go to London for short courses every quarter in IB World Schools and return after three months. The linguistic immersion thus created clearly improves the level of English of the students.
The International Baccalaureate Organization "BIO" allowed us to begin the membership process to become a Member School authorized to pass the International Baccalaureate course and tests. Being already an interested school, Cartesians has fulfilled the required conditions. After authorization, the Cartesians will become the first IB World School in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the 2nd in the Central African region. Our finalists in the humanities will be able to follow the program and pass exams for the International Baccalaureate diploma. A degree recognized by more than 2,000 prestigious universities around the world including the famous American University of Harvard.
The IB Diploma Program includes a compulsory core curriculum for all the finalists regardless of their orientation in the choice of disciplines to study. In this common core there is research to be carried out in a scientific branch for the elaboration of a dissertation of at least 4000 words, the study of courses of cognitive level as high as the theory of knowledge and the international politics. Activities that can highlight and test the mental, behavioral and social qualities of our students, their ability to empathize and feel like CAS (creativity, activity and service).
Mr. Armand NGOLOMINGI, an English teacher who has attended successful IBO workshops, has been designated IB Program Coordinator (International Baccalaureate) according to the requirements of OIB (International Baccalaureate Organization). He is assisted by a team of teachers who have satisfied each one in the workshops and evaluation of the OBI. In this ambitious process, our school needs the support of all parents, teachers and students.