Admissions policy

The International Bilingual School The Cartesian enrolled at all levels of education cycles it organizes: kindergarten, elementary school, college and high school.

Information to provide

The candidate’s tutor must submit :

  • For registration in a higher class, provide the complete files of previous classes
  • Provide his identity document
  • Provide candidate’s identity document
  • Pay registration fees
  • Pay the entire first installment of the school fees

Payment methods 

  • Registration at the Secretariat:
Regards to registration at the Secretariat, the tutor have to pay the entire first installment of the school fees on bank school account.  With his payment slip, he goes to the school's Secretariat where he pays the registration fees and closes the registration of the candidate. 

  • Online registration :
The tutor have to pay all fees (registration fees and minerval) on the web payment platform using his (her) bank card, this one must support online transactions.